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Official Trailer for Khumba Released


As preparation for the US release of Khumba, the South Africa-based Triggerfish Animation Studios has just released the first official film trailer for the CG-animated full length feature. Khumba is scheduled to arrive in theaters and Video on Demand on December 6, 2013, making it Triggerfish’s second animated feature – the first one being Adventures in Zambezia, which was released in 2012.

You can check out the trailer below:

Khumba focuses on the story of a half-striped zebra who is being blamed by his superstitious tribe as the cause of a severe drought that has befallen the herd. In an effort to redeem himself, the zebra leaves his home and goes on a quest to find the magic waterfall where the first zebras got their stripes from. Along the way, he meets a plethora of wacky characters who will help him earn his stripes, literally.

Source: Triggerfish Animation Studios

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