Toys reveal first look at new Chinese Transformers animated series

These Autobots have definitely been hiding, though not necessarily in disguise. Since announcing a partnership with China’s CCTV in 2017, Hasbro has been pretty quiet about their brand new animated series Nezha: Transformers. That’s why our first look at the show is coming courtesy of a Chinese netizen, who snapped a photo of a toy bundle three-pack of Lei Zhenzi, Tu Xingsun and the titular Nezha. The trio sport an aesthetic that appears to be in line with the globally released Transformers Cyberverse.

We also know what format Nezha: Transformers will take, courtesy of a producer profile for the Bridging the Dragon event in China. The show will feature 52 x 11-minute episodes. Earlier this year, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner stated that while the show was initially planned specifically for the eastern market, it looked so good it interested global partners. If it does go international, it’ll join an avalanche of Transformers animation, from Cyberverse on Cartoon Network, Rescue Bots Academy on Discovery Family, to the upcoming Netflix original War for Cybertron.

Nezha: Transformers was scheduled for a primetime broadcast on CCTV in China sometime this year. However, as it’s mid-November and nothing’s been announced, it looks like the show has been silently pushed back.

Source: TFW2005 (1, 2)

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